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In Greenland, the ice flows outward from the heart of the ice sheet, a dome of ice the size of the Gulf of Mexico, and either peters out on land or follows fast-flowing ice streams all the way to the ocean. Four miles (six kilometers) wide and several thousand feet thick, Jakobshavn Glacier is an icy Amazon, disgorging more icebergs than any other Greenland glacier. In this reel, midnight sun cruises bring us on to the edge of the pink glaciers. A journey to the heart of the planet.

Also featured in this reel the Disko Bay, where blue whales navigate and breath in the gray early morning while icebergs of all shapes and volumes, drift incessantly like modern sculptures in the making.

(For more footage related to global warming and melting ice, see Calving Glaciers and Inuit in the Environment and People categories.)

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