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Papua, New Guinea

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One of the least explored and most interesting melting pots of natural diversity on Earth, Papua New Guinea supports some of the strangest and most beautiful of life forms.

Papua, New Guinea is home to immense cultural diversity. The islands have only seven million people yet over 850 different languages are still spoken there. A rapid population growth combined with the aggressive appetite of the logging and agribusiness industries has seen intact forests reduced dramatically throughout the whole of South East Asia.

In a remote corner of what used to be called Netherlands New Guinea, then West New Guinea, and is now known as Irian Jaya under the Indonesian government, some American missionaries have built a museum for local people. These people, the Asmat, are former headhunters and cannibals who made carvings for elaborate and continuous rituals and feasts that were armed to placate ancestral spirits.

(Sources: Greenpeace. Culture Survival. Morristown Museum.)

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Theyyam Gods Heroes and Ancestors

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