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Big Girl Paintings (Beverly Hills, California)

Standard definition. 720p (Camcorder)
Reel Duration: 2’41”

In 1987, Julian Schnabel visited a thrift store where he acquired several small paintings; one in particular stuck in the artist’s mind—a painting depicting a “classic” American female youth: blonde, cute, clean-cut.  In 2001, this painting would become the foundation for Schnabel’s new body of work.

Julian Schnabel has taken the young girl’s image and created a series of portraits that are parenthetically titled “Big Girl Paintings”. The first thing one notices about these girls is that they have been stripped of their sight, they have no eyes. Ironically, the artist explains their absence as a means to force the viewer to look at the paintings and not the eyes.

(Statement from the Gallery. Excerpt)

The show opened at the Gagosian Gallery in NY on March 14, 2002 and one week later, at Gagosian in Beverly Hills where this reel was shot as the opening was going on.

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