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Changtang (Tibet)

HD 1080p
Reel Duration: 35’ 15”
2009/ 2010

Changtang is a high plateau that extends nearly one thousand miles, from northwest Tibet, to Ladahk in the southeast, then east as far as modern Qinghai. Tibetan Nomads live in this rugged,  high-desert environment. The Tibet-Qinghai Highway is the only road that crosses north and south, bringing goods in and out of Tibet. It was built in conjunction with the laying of the tracks for the Beijing-Lhasa train, which opened in 2006.

Lost souls and ghosts of the ones who died by thousands in the construction of the Highway still haunt the place particularly at the Tangula Pass, here featured. Also featured the Kunlun Pass and the beautiful Namtso Lake (Damxung County) and their thousands prayers flags.

For more in this subject see “High Train to Tibet” in Film page and in People category “Tibetans 3” for more visuals on the “Tibetan Highway” and its inhabitants)

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