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Conversation with Jean Malaurie
HD 1080p
Reel Duration: 25’26”
In French. (Will be subtitled.)

Jean Malaurie (born in 1922) is a French cultural anthropologist, morph geologist, geographer, physicist, and writer.

In these conversations (over 13 hours) recorded in early 2013 in Paris and in Dieppe in 2014, Jean Malaurie exposes the main lines of his philosophy closely attached to the spirit of the Inuit Populations of north Greenland, with who he lived in 1950/51 while mapping out the Far North and studying the morphologies of the terrain; more specifically the stones and the rocks.

In this reel, he brings out the genesis and outline of his thinking (“Pensee Sauvage” “Wild Thinking”) as well as the profile of an Inuit Philosophy based on the sharing of resources among the collectivity and an immanent relation with Nature; all still very prevalent today.

For more on Jean Malaurie, see in film page, the most recent documentary “Inuit Lands the Melting Point” shot in 2012/2013 and completed in late 2015; It is a tribute to Jean Malaurie life time work on the Arctic people.

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