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Conversation with Jean Malaurie
HD 1080p
Reel Duration: 25’26”
In French. (Will be subtitled.)

Jean Malaurie (born in 1922) is a French cultural anthropologist, morph geologist, geographer, physicist, and writer.

In these conversations (over 13 hours) recorded in early 2013 in Paris and in Dieppe in 2014, Jean Malaurie exposes the main lines of his philosophy closely attached to the spirit of the Inuit Populations of north Greenland, with who he lived in 1950/51 while mapping out the Far North and studying the morphologies of the terrain; more specifically the stones and the rocks.

In this reel, he brings out the genesis and outline of his thinking (“Pensee Sauvage” “Wild Thinking”) as well as the profile of an Inuit Philosophy based on the sharing of resources among the collectivity and an immanent relation with Nature; all still very prevalent today.

For more on Jean Malaurie, see in film page, the most recent documentary “Inuit Lands the Melting Point” shot in 2012/2013 and completed in late 2015; It is a tribute to Jean Malaurie life time work on the Arctic people.





Charmaine Whiteface.
Rapid City.
South Dakota.

Charmaine White Face, or Zumila Wobaga, is an Oglala Tetuwan (Lakota speaker) from the Oceti (Great Sioux Nation) in North America.

She is known for her work in support of Native American rights, in particular as coordinator of the Defenders of the Black Hills, a volunteer environmental organization centered on efforts to encourage the United States government to honor the Fort Laramie Treaties of 1851 and 1868.

She also works at the international level in support of recognition of human rights of indigenous peoples all over the world. She is the spokesperson for the Sioux Nation Treaty Council established in 1894.
She was a participant in the prayer fast/hunger strike held in December 2004 in Geneva, Switzerland at the final meeting of the Inter sessional Working Group on the Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (WGDD).
She has worked to preserve Bear Butte on monitoring of abandoned uranium mines , on  “environmental remediation of hazardous waste ponds and in the anti- nuclear power movement.
In Jan. 2013, she raised concerns about radiation exposure of South Dakota Army National Guard  soldiers in the Buffalo Gap National Grassland.

Charmaine White Face is also a columnist and freelance writer who has written for Indian Country Today  the Rapid City Journal , the Sioux Falls Argus Leader,  and The Lakota Journal, and is a grandmother.

Eric Baret.
(French) Writer

Geneva. 2018

Encountering life through the light of Kashmiri Tantra: Shaped and sustained by the non dual tradition of Kashmir Shivaism, Eric Baret’s words take us back to the simple observation of our felt sense of emotion and ultimately, to pure listening. This allows a liberating realization: the root of suffering is an illusion, and all claims to knowledge are a pretense.
The dialogues recorded in these conversations are about the rituals of Theyyam in Kerala India (see In production page(  and an invitation to celebrate life in the present moment, free from the fear of an imaginary future.

“You don’t need anything in life, because it all ends in the present moment. You do not have the time to build a conscious life. You cannot become anything.”

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