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Global World (India. China. USA)

HD 1080p
Reel Duration: 23’01”

A random selection and combination of footage shot in different parts of the world (including India, China, the Middle East and the USA), between 2004 and 2016 make up this reel.  The idea is to evoke the Global World and the subsequent disparity of economic experiences and impacts that our humanity faces today.

From the slums of Mumbai (Bombay) to the new high rise buildings in China, through ships, and cargo tankers, and to our imminent climate change challenges, the other side of the global economy emerges on screen when assembled next to each other.

Where are we going from here?

This reel will be updated periodically with new footage around the same topics including accelerations in technological changes,  globalization and climate change.

(Music Rights Clearance apply)

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