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Les Grunewald du Musee de Colmar (France)

Standard definition
Reel Duration: 5’20”

This 45’ documentary focuses on the Mathis Grunewald masterpiece: “The retable of Issenheim” placed in what is today the Colmar Museum. This museum of northeastern France is the ancient cloister of Issenheim where the painting was originally conceived.

Based on the Joris-Karl Huysmans’s essay related to the Mathis Grunewald’s paintings, the documentary leads the spectator into the nine panels constituting the famous altar.

“This introspective documentary completed in 2004, marries the Huysmans’s text and the visuals, in order to give an unique, compelling, intimate, and original view of this unique world re known masterpiece.”

(L’Est Republicain)

Here is an excerpt of the film.  (In French)  Mr. Philippe Fredet based in Paris produced this film.

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