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Standard definition. 720p
Reel Duration: 8’17”

Naga people are a conglomeration of several tribes inhabiting the North Eastern part of India and northwestern Myanmar (Burma). The tribes (16 in total) have similar cultures and traditions, and form the majority ethnic group in the Indian state of Nagaland, with significant presence in Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and some small population in Assam.

Naga People were headhunters and carried wars between themselves (clans) until the late 60’s.
This reel was shot in the village of Longwa, among the Koniak tribe.
It depicts the King and his disciples reminiscing about the old days of headhunting, while smoking pipes of opium, still in fashion today.
It is an excerpt from “Nagaland, The Last of the headhunters” the documentary released in 2012 (see film section for more details on the film).

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