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Passions for the Light (Russia) 
Hi 8/ Beta Cam. PAL. 720x 576
Reel Duration: 20’00”

“Passions for the Light” is an exploration of the New Russian artistic “Avant Garde” who flourished in the late 80’s and early 90’s at the time of the “Perestroika” in St. Petersburg, with the City’s strong cultural, artistic and intellectual heritage as a background. It focuses on an art exhibition in 1995 at the Russian Museum (St. Petersburg) “Apuleius, The Golden Ass”.

This exhibition was constituted of Tableaux Vivants (living pictures) illustrating the twelve chapters of the book by Ovides “The Golden Ass” which retraced the travels of a lad through different Time periods of the Antiquity.

Here are excerpts of 2 conversations which come in complement to the program:  one with Sergei Bugaev (AKA Afrika) in his studio of Fontanka and the other one with Timur Novikov at the Pushkinkaya artist studios in St. Petersburg.

Timur passed away in 2002.

The documentary was made possible by the Soros Foundation in Russia and was released with Arte France (Metropolis) in 1996.

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