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West Bengal (India)

HD 1080p
Reel Duration: 29’44”

All around the globe sea levels are rising, providing a further reminder of global connectedness. This reel was shot in West Bengal (India) near the Lohachara Island in March 2016. West Bengal is a state situated in the eastern part of India, which shares its international border with Bangladesh, apart from Nepal and Bhutan. Lohachara Island is located on the Hooghly River and is part of the Sundarban delta in the Sundarban National Park, located near the Indian state of West Bengal.

6,000 people once lived here and it is now uninhabitable. The loss of land has created thousands of displaced people in the area who were forced to move to the mainland. There are multiple causes of the disappearing islands in the delta, including sea-level rise, coastal erosion, cyclones mangrove destruction and coastal flooding.

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