Compilation of original footage available for stock
4K/ HD/ 720p
2007 2022

Reel duration: 39’00”

This reel is a composite of  stock footage that I shot during the production of some of my documentaries.

These libraries include most recent scenes I filmed in  Indonesian Borneo last year.

 Excerpts from some of my documentaries (Greenland. Tibet. India. China.) are also featured in various formats

I hope you will enjoy the site and find some interest in this  unique footage of Indigenous cultures, nature, wildlife, remarkable cities, ancient religions and history.

The site is divided in 4 categories allowing you to access to the related libraries. 

Most of the footage is available for licensing. Please send your inquiries via the Contact page:
Thank you and Enjoy!

Patrick Morell is a CINEMATOGRAPHER experienced in all phases of development and production of non-fiction media content.

He has worked on extended shoots across Northwest Greenland (the Arctic), South East Asia (China/ India/ Nepal) the Middle East, Russia/ Siberia, Europe and the United States covering global stories including the ones related to Climate change and indigenous cultures.

Equipment owned includes Sony PXW – Z280 4K camera and full kit.
Patrick is experienced with Final Cut Pro X for first cuts and digital transfers.
His film production skills will ensure that your project at the end,  is unique and compelling.
May this library of footage helps in inspiring your choices!


Golden Rabbit Films

Patrick Morell founded   Golden Rabbit Films in 2006.

The philosophy and the mission have remained the same.


“I created Golden Rabbit Films with the mission to produce documentary films that evoke a deeper understanding of the human experience by showing how members of unique cultures are challenged to adapt to external forces or face extinction. 
30 years ago I began a global journey to capture the people of these cultures and preserve their way of life on films. Their fortitude, understanding of their environment and tenacity to survive in face of extreme external change have been and continue to be the major influence for my work.
With this intention, my films capture the impacts of changes in government regimes have on hidden cultures like in India, China, Tibet and Greenland and the struggles that the people of the natural world wage to adapt  while still  preserving their ways of life, sacred and profane.

It is through this lense that I am currently developing my project in Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo. “


Patrick Morell. April 2023