In preparation 2022


Indonesian Borneo

Kalimantan, Earth Last Treasure ”


There are still a few untrammeled places in the world — places where the sun still rises on the indigenous people and an unspoiled landscape.

Borneo, the third largest island in the world, is one such place.

But if the coal, gold and palm oil industries have their way, Kalimantan or Indonesian Borneo and the native communities such as the Dayaks and the Punan who live there, will fall victim to the impact of the rapid expansion, coupled with the devastating effects of climate change.

The film — Kalimantan, Earth Last Treasure— will document the impact a wide variety of industries are having on the country’s tropical forests and its natural resources.

The filmic initiative is part of a broader project on optimization of land use and wildlife conservation in Kalimantan, led by organizations such as the Borneo Futures project and the Borneo Orangutan Survival project and in collaboration with K- Merah Prod , based in Jakarta.