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HD 1080p
Reel Duration: 17’19”

The Tibetans who lived north of Mt “Everest” call it “Jomolungma”, which translates to “Goddess, Mother of the World”. Unlike the Nepalese side, the Tibetan side of Everest is wilder and devoid of crowds. Only a few scientists come here and a few monks live at its foot, in the Rongbu monastery, featured in the reel.

This reel offers striking sunrise and sunset views of Mt. Everest, which are presented from several points of view in a 2 days period. Everest is usually covered in clouds during the year, but that day the beautiful, October light afforded a cloudless scene.

All members of the crew were Tibetan. The score is by the Monks from the Sakya Monastery (U- Tsang province/ Tibetan Automous region.)

(Music rights clearances apply)

The Sakya Monastery is featured at the end of the reel.

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