Skellig Islands (West Ireland)

Skellig Islands

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Skellig Islands (in Irish: “Na Scealaga”) in once known as “the Skellocks,” are two small, steep, and rocky islands lying about 13 km west of Bolus Head on the Iveragh Peninsula in County Kerry, Ireland.
The larger of the two is Skellig Michael (also known as Great Skellig) and, together with Little Skellig, they are at the center of a 364 hectares important bird area established by Bird Watch Ireland in 2000.
Skellig Michael is also famous for an early Christian monastery as seen as in this reel.
It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a continuing inspiration for artists, meditators and bird watchers.
This segment was produced thanks to Noelle Gampbell Sharp. (Origins Gallery/ Dublin)

On Bolus Head
Michael Carter Sketch by Brian Gormley The Cill Rialaig Project (Ireland)

As Michael Carter and Brian Gormley’s On Bolus Head ( A Cill Rialaig project. 2011 ) eloquently bears witness to, the west of Ireland continues to exert a deep fascination on witers and artists and remains a privilege site for literary and visual inspiration.
 Ireland who does it.
And in the words of  David Scott (Trinity College. Dublin):
“It is indeed the rocky coast and turbulent Atlantic Ocean, the wild landscape , with its rich heritage  of historic and pre-historic sites, and the legends and myths associated with them, that lend themselves to reflection on the passage of Time, the power of natural forces, the persistence of memory and the power of human imagination.”

Cill Rialaig Village

Cill Rialaig village (c.1790), set high on a cliff at the very edge of Western Europe.
It is also an Artist residency.

The Cill Rialaig Project founded by Dr. Noelle Campbell Sharp is a voluntary body (a company limited by guarantee) whose main aim is to develop and maintain a retreat for artists and writers from Ireland and abroad.

Photo: The Cill Rialaig Village. 2011

Ring of Kerry (West Ireland)

Ring of Kerry

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In essence, the Ring of Kerry is the ring road that follows the coastal contours of Kerry’s Iveragh Peninsula.
It is one of Ireland’s most famous circuits and a popular holiday route to drive.
But much more than a simple driving route, the Ring of Kerry is an iconic destination wrapped in a stunning visual history, with diverse wildlife scattered across Ireland’s lush green hills in always changing light, offering of what Nature can give best.
This segment was produced thanks to Noelle Gampbell Sharp. (Origins Gallery. Dublin)