COVID 19 (March 2020)

The first case of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City was confirmed in New York City  in March 2020, though later research showed the virus had been circulating since January, with cases of community transmission confirmed as early as February. By March 27, over 23,000 cases were confirmed, which rose to 30,765 by March 29.  New York City  had become the worst-affected area in the country.
There were over 2,000 deaths by April 6; at that stage, the city had more confirmed coronavirus cases than  China, the U.K. or Iran . Bodies of the deceased were picked up from their homes by the US Army, National Guard, and Air National Guard.

On March 20, the governor’s office issued an  executive order closing down non-essential businesses. The city’s public transportation  remained open, but transit service was reduced.
By April, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers were out of work with lost tax revenues estimated to run into the billions.
Low income jobs in the retail, transportation, and restaurant sectors were especially affected.
By December, commercial rents had declined 13% from the previous year.

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BLACK LIVES MATTER (Protests. NYC June - Aug 2020)

 George Floyd murder in Minneapolis on May 25th  ignited a wave of national and then global protest, not seen since the Civil Rights movement in the 60’s

New York saw protests every day for 3 months, most of them peaceful.

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